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Friendship Bracelets


Friendship Bracelets

“Tradition says that a friendship bracelet carries a wish and the recipient must wear it until the cords wear out and it falls off naturally when the wish will come true.”

SHO’s involvement with World Land Trust was with the Elephant Friendship Bracelets to raise the profile and funds for their work in India to protect the elephants and their habitat. WLT is working to save an amazing range of habitats from tropical dry forests to oak and pine forests in Mexico, home to all six cat species, including the Jaguar.

WLT’s project in Ecuador focusses on the threatened Amazonian tropical rainforest and Andean Cloud forest, which is home to over 1600 bird species, including The Hummingbird.

In Colombia, WLT is working to protect some of the last remaining Choco forest. The Spectacled Bear relies on this habitat for its survival.

Protecting a system of lagoons, tropical forests and mangroves in Guatemala is urgent priority for the West-Indian Manatee.