My Story

Hong Kong born British designer, Sarah Ho is known for her fun, vibrant and contemporary fine jewellery designs that are created sustainably through repurposing gems from antique pieces.

Sarah believes that as there are so many beautiful gemstones set in existing pieces, it is better to give these a new lease of life rather than using new gems. Finding these unloved jewels to reimagine into modern designs is the foundation of the design journey and reinforces the sustainable spirit and ethos at the heart of this international jewellery brand.

Previously trained as a fashion designer, Sarah has an eye for colour, finding inspiration from intricate details seen in embroidery and beading. This affinity for embellishment combined with precious materials contributes to Sarah’s unique design style.

Sarah’s bold and feminine style combines contrasting elements - romantic pearls in striking silhouettes, coloured enamel lace with sugarloaf tourmalines, opals studded with precious stones and rose-cut diamonds set in colour-coated gold. Sarah is always looking to innovate, to create something new and colourful, pushing the boundaries of design and embracing new technologies. Working with our jewellery workshops in Italy and Austria, each piece achieves the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.

With a particular passion for pearls, Sarah has an extensive array of natural pearls - golden buttons, Sakura pink conch, tangerine melo melo and antique pearl strands that are just a few highlights in her considerable collection.

If you would like to visit the showroom or enquire about the bespoke service - you can email us at:, call us on +44 (0) 20 7629 6886 or WhatsApp on +44 (0) 7999 313 592