My Story

"Precious stones and metals act as words to express my unfolding story. Welcome to my jewellery memoir..."

Award-winning designer, Sarah Ho, was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Macau before moving to London to enrich her skills in design and gemmology. Sarah’s inspirational designs are a sentimental reflection of the different chapters in her life and her family heritage. Each collection has a story told through her love of colour, flowing elegant lines and lacework in precious metals that harmonise seamlessly with precious stones.

Sarah Ho London is rooted in the designer’s refined interpretation of the spirit of its owner. Each collection reveals the many chapters of Sarah Ho’s multi faceted life, a life where precious stones and metals replace words for expression. The company’s birth became a reality in 2006, thrusting the young designer into a world where the beauty of high jewellery first caught her eye.

“Writers have words to express themselves, my story is told through my jewellery.” - Sarah Ho