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To have a piece of jewellery personally designed for you is a very special experience. Sarah designs from the heart and will work closely with you to develop and design the perfect piece of jewellery that will be hand-crafted and made to the highest standard. She will listen to your story and take this inspiration throughout your journey from the initial sketched designs to the finished piece that you will treasure forever. Whether for a special occasion, engagement, anniversary, birthday or just as a special treat, you will have a piece of jewellery to be cherished.


Planning an engagement or looking to mark an important occasion? If you are looking for a unique piece of jewellery, Sarah will create a bespoke jewel for the occasion that you can treasure forever.

Contact our friendly team by email or call and we can book your initial design consultation with Sarah and answer any questions you have.

Portrait Jewels

“Everyone has a story within them to be written in a jewel” Sarah Ho

The Portrait Jewels Sarah has created are bejewelled illustrations of your life, a truly unique piece that symbolises your journey. Sarah will meet with you and interpret your story into initial sketches and designs, including significant elements that contribute to the final design. The Portrait Jewel service is an incredible experience that allows you to reflect on you and create a beautiful piece that represents you. Contact our office and we can answer your initial questions and book your design consultation with Sarah

Revamp your Jewellery Box

Do you have old and forgotten jewels hiding at the bottom of your jewellery box? Give them a new lease of life and turn them into something amazing with the help of Sarah. Using your assortment of gems, Sarah will use these as the starting point for the design and turn them into your new favourite piece of jewellery. Contact our office and we can take the details of your stones ready for your design consultation with Sarah