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Gemstones and Gold

Sarah Ho's love of diamonds and gemstones kickstarted Sarah's career into fine jewellery. This appreciation and passion for these beautiful natural wonders can be seen throughout her designs, often incorporating unusual combinations or incredibly rare stones. Using her expertise in gemmology, Sarah selects only the best quality gemstones in exquisite colours for her designs.

All stones used by Sarah Ho are only from trusted suppliers and must pass a comprehensive quality check by the in-house team. If you do have any questions about any of the gemstones, please do contact us.

The wondrous natural processes that create gemstones result in a array of hues for each different gemstone. We do our best to ensure that the stones for each matching product are identical, and also match that which you see online. However, please be aware that the stone colours may differ slightly from that which you see on the screen, as we cannot always capture the depth and brightness of the actual stone with a photograph or in pixels. Sarah Ho London has a team of quality checkers and gemmologists that check every stone for it's colour, quality and clarity before it is sent to you, ensuring you have only the best. If you are after a particular coloured gemstone, then do speak to us and arrange a visit to our showroom so we can ensure you receive exactly the colour that you want.

  • Sarah Ho is a qualified gemologist, having gained her qualification¬†in Antwerp. Her full title being Sarah Ho HRD GG
  • Certificates are issued with all diamonds weighing 0.15 carats or more. (This is weight per diamond, not the overall weight of all diamonds in the piece.)
  • All diamonds conform to the standards set by the top stone authorities: Gem-A, GIA or HRD Antwerp.
  • Sarah Ho London and all our suppliers are participants in the Kimberley Process; a commitment to trade with only conflict-free diamonds.
  • We list all the stone types and weights of each jewellery piece, however, if you would like more information - please do contact us and we will endeavour to fulfil your request.
  • Sarah Ho London is a member of the NAJ (National Association of Jewellers). An industry association that inspires consumer confidence to purchase from members through a Code of Practice that sets the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and ethical business practices.
  • All gold is hallmarked in the UK by the London Assay Office.¬†