High Jewellery


This innovative suite of ultimate luxury celebrates Sarah Ho London’s 10th Anniversary with 65 carats of exquisite diamonds.  

Aurora Suite

Inspired by the Roman Goddess of the Dawn, who every morning flew across the skies to announce the arrival of the sun.

Peony Earrings

An ode to the most exceptional conch pearl.

Blue Lotus

Classicism combines with modernism, diamonds meet with sapphires as blue as the ocean, and lotus petals unfurl in this elegant suite.



An abstract illustration of the Bird of Paradise with scattered diamonds, delicate lacework and exquisite conch pearls.


Lotus Necklace

Pearls set within subtle motifs of delicate lacework that plays homage to tradition.

Lunar Pearl

Arabian pearls, diamonds, sapphires capture the eastern legend of the pearl retold in this poetic enchanting jewel.

Origami Noir

The traditional pearl harmonises with fine lines of pave-set black and white diamond. This this modern timeless suite is inspired by the Art Deco movement and origami.

Royal Plume

Exquisite fine lines frame the beauty of the opal in this masterpiece that pays homage to nobility.