Pre-order FAQs

Why is this item listed as pre-order?

All Sarah Ho jewellery designs go through vigorous quality checks to ensure the piece is comfortable to wear and reaches the high standards we set for craftsmanship and gemstone quality. Once it has passed these tests we photograph these pieces so we can show you, our customer, as soon as possible before putting into production. By pre-ordering, you are guaranteed to be one of the first to receive your jewellery!

(Very occasionally, we have one in stock, which we will send to you!)


How does pre-order work?

  • Once you have pre-ordered your item on the website, you will receive a confirmation of order email.
  • Within two weeks, a member of our team will send you another email to confirm the item you ordered and to check sizes. Please feel free to liaise with this person with any questions you may have.
  • After this, you will receive an Order confirmation with an estimated delivery date.

 How long for delivery?

Once you have confirmed your order and paid, delivery (for the UK) takes approximately 8-10 weeks. A member of the Sarah Ho team will be in contact with you after you place your order to give you a more exact time frame for the piece you choose. In many instances, you will receive it sooner – if you do have questions about delivery for a particular item, please call our office and we will be happy to help.


I don’t live in the UK/ my delivery address isn’t in the UK, can I still pre-order?

Yes you can!

Please contact the office, by email or phone, for us to arrange delivery.


Can I put a deposit down?

No, at this time we only take orders that are paid in full.


How much is delivery?

Delivery is free for the UK. We aim to keep the costs down, but we do have to insure the more expensive pieces for international delivery. We will be putting a price guide for delivery online soon, please in the meantime contact our office.


Can I cancel my order?

No. As our pre-orders are confirmed on receipt of the full amount, after this point we will only be able to exchange. 


What if you cannot fulfil my order?

This won’t happen! We will always be able to make your jewellery!


Can I change my delivery address?

Yes – just let us know by email. If you are changing the address to a different country, there may be an extra delivery charge. Call our office and we can arrange this for you.