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The Full Circle Project



Sarah Ho supports environmental projects with latest collection

The Full Circle Project takes you on a journey from the origin of the gem to the finished piece of jewellery, with the local environment and community then benefitting from the sale of the piece.

Sarah Ho, award-winning jewellery designer, has partnered with Gem Forest and Suwaidi Pearls, two leading companies within their field, for this special project. Personally selecting one-of-a-kind gems from their private collections, Sarah placed these as the focus of the Full Circle Collection.

The stones are selected for their exceptional quality and rarity. From the rough stone uncovered in the watery sediment, to being shaped on the cutting room floor, finally being set in a beautiful design; Sarah has been involved every step of the way. It is this passion and skill at every stage that makes each piece a unique masterpiece.

Sarah has always had a love of gemstones and pearls and they form the centrepiece of her designs.  Discovering the places where these beautiful stones are found led to Sarah initiating the Full Circle Project as a way to protect these areas. A portion of the profits from the Full Circle Collection will be invested in environmental and community projects where the gemstones and pearls originate to ensure the future prosperity of these areas.

The gemstones for this project are sourced from Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique, Brazil and Vietnam and the pearls are farmed at the Al Rams lagoon in the Gulf. The Full Circle Project will begin work in Madagascar and the Arabian Gulf by planting trees and cleaning the waters in the bay.  This is just the start, as the Full Circle Project grows, so will the nature of the projects.



The Full Circle Collection was previewed at a private VIP event in Hong Kong in May 2018.  This featured the first eight pieces of the collection; additional pieces will be unveiled later in the year. 

Sarah Ho comments:

“It was wonderful to select the pearl and gemstones, to learn from Suwaidi Pearls and Gem Forest about their journey from the source to my hands.  The knowledge I gained has enriched my passion for these beautiful treasures, which is reflected in my designs.

I am proud to launch this project with the Full Circle Collection, knowing that it will directly benefit the local communities and have a lasting impact on the environment.”


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