Royal Plume Suite

Royal Plume Suite

Pearls, sapphires, aquamarines and diamonds shape the uninhibited flourishes of the Royal Plume Suite. Elegant tendrils influenced by the monochromatic illustrations of Aubrey Beardsley, the ballet Russ’s lavish costumes and Sarah Ho’s passion for all that is Art Deco.

Necklace - 18ct white gold 68.62g, Diamonds 11.77ct, Opal 6.00ct, Sapphire 4.90ct, Aquamarine 1.02ct, 12 Pearls

Earrings - 18ct white gold 11.45g, Diamonds 1.66ct, 4 Pearls, Blue Sapphires 0.24ct, Pink Sapphires 0.70ct, Aquamarines 0.40ct

Ring - 18ct white gold 9.09g, Diamonds 1.22ct, Pearl, Blue Sapphires 0.12ct, Pink Sapphires 0.35ct, Aquamarine 0.40ct

The Royal Plume Suite is POA

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