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Fine Jewellery

Sarah Ho's fine jewellery centres gemstones within patterns of gold, enamel and ceramics. Several pieces combine a brand-new metal alongside the traditional 18ct gold. This experimental new metal of Sarah’s combines aluminium and titanium to create an alloy that is strong, light and can be anodized into an array of hues. Sarah’s approach to choosing materials and finding gems for is the basis of the sustainability values of the brand. The jewellery uses 18ct recycled gold and  antique gemstones from old pieces that are repurposed into new contemporary pieces.

Bright Young Things

These pieces celebrate our emergence from our lockdown; a world full of colour and beautiful experiences. A chance to rediscover our lives, new places and old friends - a celebration of new beginnings.

Sarah’s creativity has flourished during lockdown as she expressed her optimism for the future into these designs.

Teaching herself how to digitally design through her iPad, Sarah has been pushing herself to find new ways to create and enhance her skills. This is a journey she has been sharing through her Instagram posts - engaging with her audience to vote for designs or give their opinion on the ideas she is working on.

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Colourful and Fun

Embracing technology and new materials to bring as much colour as possible to the already colourful palette of gemstones, Sarah has introduced a new titanium and aluminium alloy, neon hued enamels, colour-coated gold and pearlesque ceramic to her wealth of materials.

“When creating a new jewel from old materials - you are giving those gems a new life, a new chapter to their story. These pieces were worn and loved by people in the past and it’s time for them to find love again.” - Sarah Ho

“Finding these unloved jewels to reimagine into something new and contemporary is the foundation of my design journey. I find that I’m able to create pieces that I never would have thought of before because something so unusual presented itself to me. How I came across the stones become as much of the story as the final design, this is the sustainable spirit and ethos at the heart of my brand.”

- Sarah Ho
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