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The Blue Lotus Suite

The Blue Lotus Suite

This sacred flower is considered a symbol of rebirth, growth and purification of the spirit. Inspired by these mysterious properties, the opera length necklace, elongated earrings, delicate bracelet and double ring gracefully embrace the wearer with unfurling lotus petals in a spectrum of royal blue sapphires to white diamonds.


Necklace - 18ct white gold 121.20g, 246 Round Diamonds 10.24ct, 2 Large Oval sapphires 11.63ct, 318 Sapphires 33.83ct
Ring - 18ct white gold: 6.50g, 28 Diamonds 0.26ct, Square Sapphire 0.35ct, 48 Sapphires 0.47ct
Bracelet - 18ct white gold: 20.80g, 43 Diamonds 1.83ct, Large Square Sapphire 0.41ct, 66 Sapphires 5.12ct
Earrings - 18ct white gold 18.40g, 208 Diamonds 2.19ct, 188 Sapphires 3.17ct




Detail of the Blue Lotus Necklace

Model wearing the Opera length necklace and earrings

The Blue Lotus Suite


Blue Lotus Bracelet

Blue Lotus Ring

Blue Lotus Earrings


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