The Persica Suite

The Persica Suite

The Persica Suite, the centre piece of the ‘Hidden Garden’ collection, draws inspiration from the botany of a peach blossom (Prunus persica), the White Period of Art Deco, and the hidden symbolic message within Chinese decorative arts of ‘flora and fauna’ which is at the foundation of the suite and the collection.
18ct white gold 45.33g, Diamonds 10.36ct, 13 Conch Pearls, 13 Pearls 
18ct white gold 12.44g, Diamonds 2.62ct, 4 Conch Pearls, 2 Pearls
18ct white gold 11.65g, Diamonds 1.84ct, 4 Conch Pearls, 1 Pearl 

Tutti Frutti Persica Earrings

Persica Ring

Persica Pearl Earrings


The Persica pieces are POA

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