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Broadening her gemstone collection, this latest collection plays with oversized smoky quartz, tourmalines and vibrant rubellites for a fresh new look.

‘Constellation’ combines daring colours, dramatic proportions and the mystical powers of jewels for exciting and playful pieces. The centre stones are framed with Sarah’s signature delicate lacework; arraying coloured metal and little gems in complex patterns, echoing the fractal designs seen throughout the natural world.


The vivid greens of the cabochon tourmalines are framed with a complex pattern of pear-shaped diamonds and rainbow moonstone beads set in blue enamelled gold. Green tourmalines are known for healing the heart and releasing stress and moonstones help access your intuition.
The constellation Lacerta is made up of a large amount of variable and multiple stars; the complexity of this arrangement lends itself to the intricate pattern created for this suite.


Rubelite cabochons in fuchsia set the bold colour palette for these earrings and ring. These vibrant gems are set within red enamelled gold and pear shaped diamonds. Rubelites promote strength and vitality and can also strengthen your ability to understand love.
The name ‘Flare’ sets the mood perfectly for these pieces – an intense and dramatic brightening of a solar body.


Blue chalcedony beads and cognac diamonds frame and suspend pear shaped smoky quartz stones. The 18ct white gold of these earrings is enamelled in white highlighting the dusky colours of the natural jewels. Smoky quartz elicits deeper courage while chalcedony brings the mind, body and spirit into harmony.
Named after Cassiopeia, the Queen of Aethiopia, who even after being turned upside down by Zeus, retained her eternal beauty.

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