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Hidden Garden

The Hidden Garden Collection is a personal reflection of the beautiful flowers that have come to represent special moments and tender memories throughout Sarah’s life. From the lily that graced Sarah’s childhood home to the peony wedding bouquet, they have inspired and added to the sentimental nature of each piece. 

Sarah takes influence from botanical illustration, Art Deco motifs and her Chinese heritage. The rare and precious stones take centre stage, highlighting the intrinsic beauty of the natural world. The designs play with delicate lines, repeating patterns and contrasting elements in this elegant, one-of-a-kind collection. 




Sarah’s first piece of jade jewellery was a gift from her grandmother, a bangle that she still wears to this day. A talisman of protection, Jade is also treasured for its healing properties in Eastern culture. The character of this suite is influenced by the organic forms of the leafy Chinese Palm (Trachycarpus Fortunei) and the architectural style of the Art Deco period.
The assorted Imperial Jade shapes are the focus for these designs showcased in a delicate white gold framework with brilliant and baguette diamond accents.


The Persica Suite is the centrepiece of the Hidden Garden Collection and draws inspiration from the peach blossom (prunus persica) and the Art Deco era. The focus of this suite is the conch pearl, a favourite gem for Sarah. This unusual pearl is incredibly hard to find due to its rareity: it took over two years to find enough of these particular triangular shapes for this design. The porcelain like pinks, peaches and pale yellows, fondly known as the ‘tutti frutti’ colours, add a unique colour palette to this suite.
In Chinese Taoist mythology, the peach blossom is a symbol of long life, good luck and intense love and conch pearls represent infinity, resulting in a powerful masterpiece both visually and symbolically.

Jade Fan

Sarah’s first jade collection fuses cultural influences from her Chinese heritage and present-day London life. The suite echoes the shapes and decoration of the fans from the Ming Dynasty in the composition of Imperial jade, conch pearls, ice jade and diamonds.
Jade, a talisman of protection, represents Sarah’s Chinese heritage which she has paired with conch pearls, a symbol of infinity. Together they serve as a symbolic token of past memories and future hopes.


The leaves of the evergreen vine, Pumila, represent hope, renewal, revival, fertility and growth in Chinese tradition. White gold lines trace the organic leaf shapes of this plant, creating a delicate sculpture with scatters of pearls, diamonds and baguette emeralds. The craftsmanship of these pieces is exquisite and gives the appearance of bejewelled leaves weightlessly floating.


The Wisteria Suite bursts with energy in an explosion of colours and shapes celebrating the long awaited summer. This bright and colourful suite takes inspiration from the wisteria that graces London townhouses in the summer months, transforming the dark brickwork into rich spectacles with their cascades of vivid blooms. The flowers represent longevity and grace and are used in Feng Shui as they symbolize honour and respect.
Yellow – Yellow represents warmth and happiness and is associated in Chinese culture with the sun and the Gods. Blue – Blue has a calming influence, is associated with a clear sky and water and symbolizes spirituality. Red – This colour is a talisman to protect from ill health, associated with love and considered very lucky in Chinese culture. Green – This colour is associated with nature, balance and harmony, has healing properties and often symbolizes wealth.
The vibrant pear-shaped stones nestle in jewels of rich fuchsias, summer yellows, deep blues and lustrous greens, the playful arrangement of baguettes and beads mimicking the clusters of tapering blooms. The studs transform into long statement earrings with the addition of diamonds and gems in an elegant flourish.

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